December 20, 2004


Here's a great idea: Let's invite a radio shock jock to speak at a sports awards ceremony for children

We're discover that some uptight wowsers were offended.
Q: What is a "wowser"?

A: It is Australian slang meaning something like "uptight moralist." According to one Aussie blogger (, the word WOWSER

" perhaps our finest contribution to the English language. ...While the vile, working class scum of England and those terrible Guinness consuming Irishmen would have happily continued their singing, drinking, dancing and copulating in peace, far away from the oppressive class system of mother England, the self-appointed moral guardians of the simple folk continued to harangue, harass and generally make annoyances of themselves in the name of their god and morality. These people became known as wowsers."

Conclusion: Don't be a wowser.
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